Warsaw, Poland • April 4-5, 2017


A Smart Concept for a Changing Europe
EuroTab 2017 offers the tobacco industry a pan-European distribution show, as opposed to the many smaller, traditional national shows. Past EuroTab exhibitions have attracted importers, distributors, large retailers, and chain store managers from all over Europe and given them the opportunity to see—in one place— almost every possible tobacco-related product and accessory available, everything from cigars, cigarettes, and cigarillos to pipes, lighters,  humidors, and vaping products. EuroTab 2017, April 4-5 at the EXPO XXI, Hall 4, promises to do the same, only there will be more people and more products!

One of the driving forces behind EuroTab is the changing nature of distribution itself. Although distribution systems vary dramatically from country to country, tobacco distribution and availability to tobacco products are becoming more pan-European and international.

The Exhibition
EuroTab benefits from being organized by Tobacco Products International, the leading publication for the worldwide tobacco distribution industry, and having access to its extensive international circulation list, an unrivaled and continually-updated database of manufacturers, including executives, marketing and production managers, as well as importers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of tobacco products.

Firmly centered on the European tobacco market (the world’s largest), EuroTab 2017 Warsaw also keeps a focus on other dynamic and developing regions such as Australia, the Middle East, and North Africa, among others.

A direct reflection of Tobacco Products International’s readers and advertisers, EuroTab 2017 Warsaw Exhibitors will include:

  • Manufacturers and trademark holders for cigarettes, cigars, bidis, kretek, RYO, cut rag, pipe tobacco, as well as all type of accessory suppliers.
  • All the equipment, machinery, supplies, and services necessary for manufacturing and packaging tobacco products.
  • Exporters, processors, blenders, trade groups, etc.

New Location for EuroTab 2017: Warsaw, Poland — EXPO XXI
Poland is an aggressive leader in economic liberalization and today is noted as a success story. It is an active member of Euro-Atlantic organizations, proud of an economic reform during the early 1990s that transformed its economy into a democratic, market-oriented country. An investor-friendly city, Warsaw is the quintessential attraction for your tobacco business, boasting the cornerstones of political, cultural, and economic gentility.






EuroTab 2017 Warsaw is a Lockwood Publications event. Founded in 1872, Lockwood is the publisher of Tobacco Products International, Tobacco International, SMOKE Magazine, and Smokeshop Magazine.

No other Tobacco Products show has so much promotional ability. EuroTab 2017 Warsaw is backed by the leading trade magazines for tobacco and tobacco products and is supported by a worldwide sales force, which calls on the entirety of the tobacco industries. Lockwood Publications has over 16 years of trade show experience with shows in Europe, Asia and North America.