Exhibitor List (by Company)


Booth: 202
Founded in 1990, AGROBUD Joseph Grzyb specializes in tobacco contracting, purchasing and selling; tobacco seed and fertilizer sales; and tobacco cultivation. Traditions in Agrobud’s region date back to the 1950s where conditions are ideal for growing tobacco. The company works with individual growers and a producer group, providing expert advice and professional execution of orders. It guarantees competitive prices, attractive contracting and purchasing terms, and timely obligation performance. Agrobud offers only superior products and services, from high quality tobaccos to a wide range of seed varieties with high yield, resistance to disease, pests, and molds.
Józef Grzyb Łukowa 62, 23-412 Łukowa, Poland, Web: www.agrobudlukowa.pl, Email: info@agrobudlukowa.pl, Tel: +72 487 0703, 509750282


Booth: 416
Akra was founded in 1899 by Andreas Kotschenreuther as an exquisite little smokers shop in downtown Fürth. After a lot of changes it grew into a global player in the tobacco merchandise business. Today it is one of the leading wholesalers for smoking accessories. AKRA offers its customers round about 3,500 different products, including lighters, ashtrays, cigarette paper, excellent cigars and beautiful humidors, pipes and oriental water pipes and many more.
Odrowqza 15, 03–310 Warsaw, Poland, Tel: +48 22 814 05 06, Email: info@promotorzy.pl, Web: www.promotorzy.pl


Booth: 121
Premium shisha tobacco created by Starbuzz Tobacco in California, Alchemist offers 25 different flavor varieties in three lines.
Starbuzz Tobacco, Inc., 10871 Forbes Ave #A, Garden Grove, CA 92843, Tel: +1 702 489 2899, Email: Sales@StarbuzzTobacco.com
Web: www.alchemisttobacco.com


Booth: 108
Al Papcio is the first Polish brand of water pipes, inspired by the company founder’s personal appreciation of shisha and experience gained through travel and contacts with the Arab world. The company offers a variety of hookah options with models in three different collections, ranging from elegant and economical to sophisticated and high style, incorporating chrome body parts, state-of-the-art quick-disconnect designs, and custom-built aluminum travel cases. The company also carries recommended tobaccos, coals, and a range of practical shisha accessories.
Promotorzy Trading, Odrowqza 15, 03–310 Warsaw, Poland, Tel: +48 22 814 05 06, Email: info@promotorzy.pl, Web: www.promotorzy.pl; www.alpapcio.pl


Booth 248
Amwik designs and manufactures professional shredder machines for cutting tobacco herbs, tobacco for shisha and pipe. Equipment can be specified for many different cutting widths, including 0.55 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm, and larger such as 6 mm for shisha tobacco or 1.6 mm for pipe tobacco. The company happily fulfills special orders  and provide service warranty spare parts. Possible shipping abroad of larger quantities.
Tel: +(48) 799 193 951, Email: lukimatys@wp.pl.


Booth: 118
ASA Europe is a manufacturer and distributor of premium hookah and shisha brands like Nargilem Professional, Ultimate Tobacco, Jeff`s Seven Elements, 5pipes Hookah Tobacco, Shiazo Steam Stones, Carbopol Charcoal and many more.
Industriestr. 50, 55120 Mainz, Germany, Tel: +49 6131 603 6806
Email: info@asa-europe.com, Web: www.asa-europe.com


Booth: 400
Bielsin is a European manufacturer specializing in providing solutions for tobacco filling machines and tobacco accessories. All of Bielsin’s products meet the requirements of the European market and undergo a series of strength and quality tests in the production phase. The company’s mission is to provide products which are characterized by high usability and strength, ranging from tubing machines and rolling machines to cigarette cases. Its products have extremely favorable price-performance ratio and price-quality ratio. Bielsin is a reliable partner to everyone who values quality, functionality, efficiency and economy.
ul. Strazacka 35, 43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Poland, Tel/Fax: +48 33 818 38 51, Web: www.bielsin.pl


Booth: 200
Blunt Wrap U.S.A. pre-rolled cigar shells are a patented product used to create custom roll-your own cigars. From the Original Platinum, Blunt Wraps brings customers the best cigar wraps, the freshest gourmet rolling tobacco, and the best make your own pipe tobacco cigars in the market. Durfort Holdings S.A. is the industry’s leader in alternative cigar manufacturing as well as many other tobacco related products, including pipe tobacco, expanded tobacco—filler tobaccos, Dominican Burley and ciriello’s, cut rag, machine-made cigars, and moist snuf.
Calle Aquilino de la Guardia #8, Edificio IGRA, Piso 2,
Oficina 201, Panama, Tel: + 1 809 612 2940
Web: www.bluntwrap.com


Booths: 107–124
Buszek is an established importer and distributor of hookahs, accessories, charcoal, tobacco, e-cigarettes, yerba mate and unique flavored cigarettes from around the world. We have a warehouse in Kraków and many highest quality shops by Buszek and franchise stores across Poland. We are a sole representative in Poland of brands like: Starbuzz Tobacco, Vintage Tobacco, Serpent Tobacco, Alchemist Tobacco, Flamenco Tobacco, Amazing Tobacco, Ultimate Tobacco, Shibak Tobacco, Jeff 7 Elements Tobacco, Shiazo Stones, 5pipes, Hookah Brothers, Hookah Mania, El Nefes, Savacco Tobacco, Oriento, Privilege Tobacco, and King of the Shisha Tobacco. Come visit the Buszek Hookah Lounge and our partners at the nearby booths.
ul. Św. Sebastiana 10, 31-049 Kraków, Poland, Tel: +48 662327602, Email: biuro@buszek.com
Web: www.buszek.com


Booth: 100
Cags Tobacco is a tobacco, cigarette paper, and cigarette tubes manufacturer which is located in Istanbul /Turkey. The company was founded for exporting tobacco and tobacco-related goods and is proud to have been able to offer quality products to adult smokers since 1982. Besides our own brands, athe comany also offers private label capabilities. View the company’s complete product range and the latest updates by visiting its website.
Ankara Cad. Polat Is Merkezi No:108, 78, Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey, Tel: +(90) 531 306 44 76, E-mail: sales@cagstobacco.com, Website: www.cagstobacco.com


Booth: 118
Chaos Tobacco GmbH has been in existence since 2015, but the process of creating its shisha products dates back to 2013, when it was inspired to pursue its own ideas of a “perfect smoking experience” based on the operation of a very successful shisha bar in Cologne (Chaos Lounge). Chaos Tobacco took the necessary time to develop its shisha, which is made of high quality Virginia tobacco brought to a new level of quality thanks to a special production process. In addition, the flavors used are also unique in their formulation and application, providing shisha smokers yearning for change “some surprises” in a market where innovation is now in short supply.
Marktstrasse 10 / AU 11, D-50968 Köln, Germany, Tel: +49 221 8011 9023, Fax +49 221 8011 9024
Email: info@chaos-tobacco.de, Web: www.chaos-tobacco.de

ELITE LAB Sp. z.o.o Sp. k.

Booth: 507
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Snail Custom Rolling Papers provides a quick and quality service for customizing rolling paper booklets to promote businesses; for reselling; or for private use. Customers can choose different types of booklets with different papers inside, with or without tips.
Ul.Powstanców 13b, 41-100 Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland, Tel: +48 506-105-373, Web: http://elitelab.pl


Booth: 302
Global Tobacco Manufacturers (International) Sdn Bhd is a 100% locally-owned tobacco company in Malaysia, with more than 70 years in tobacco manufacturing. Today, GTM owns many cigarette brands it manufactures and distributes in Malaysia through 30 distributors, and also manufactures cigarettes for overseas customers in China, Australia, Middle East and other Asian countries. Catering to the demand of local customers, GTM is always attentive to changes in taste preferences among different consumer groups, which has helped the company gain significant market shares in its local market.
No. 1762, Jalan Bukit Teh, Machang Bubok, 14020 Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
Tel : +6 04 551 5088, Fax: +6 04 551 7088, Email: info@globaltobacco.com.my, Web: www.globaltobacco.com.my


Booth: 518
Cigar wholesale specialist, wholesaler of tobacco products and smoking supplies, accessories, and humidors.
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 139-139a, 22083 Hamburg, Tel: +49 40 460 907 22, Web: www.hansetobacco.com


Booth: 516
Cigar wholesale specialist, wholesaler of tobacco products and smoking supplies, accessories, and humidors.
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 139-139a, 22083 Hamburg, Tel: +49 40 460 907 22, Web: www.hansetobacco.com



Booth: 203
Italian Flair SRL specializes in the production and supply of blended strips, cased and flavored ready for cutting, cut-rag, RYO, MYO, Shisha-Hookah and ready-cut pipe tobacco. For the cigar industry we supply Havana or the requested blend of long and short filler. All our products are processed and manufactured in Central Italy (Benevento area) from high quality EU tobacco.
Via Levada 149, 30023 Concordia Sagittaria VE, Italy
Tel/Fax: +39 0421 276656
E-mail: int@italian-flair.com
Web: www.italian-flair.com


Booth: 404
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Snail Custom Rolling Papers provides a quick and quality service for customizing rolling paper booklets to promote businesses; for reselling; or for private use. Customers can choose different types of booklets with different papers inside, with or without tips.
Pot na Drenikov vrh 4
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 590 20183, Email: info@snail.si, Web: www.snail.si


Booth: 600A
JBT is a supplier of unmanufactured tobacco from Poland, established in 2013 by experienced people from the Polish tobacco community. JBT’s main activity is selling unmanufactured Polish flue-cured Virginia, Burley and Kentucky Dark Fired tobacco, but the firm also imports tobacco. Tobacco supplied by JBT is used by shisha manufacturers, MYO, RYO and blend producers from the Middle-East, North Africa and Europe to produce finished tobacco products.
ul. Lipowa 18/19, 20-024 Lublin, Poland, Tel: +48 81 532 20 70; +48 601 983 601; +48 607 656 603, Email: info@jbt.eu.com


Booth: 204
Since inception in 2004, Kaane American International Tobacco Co. Fze (Kaitco) has established itself as a category leader in the United Arab Emirates cigarette industry. Harnessing years of experience, the company has been at the forefront of innovation within the industry. The company’s 13,000 sq. m. state-of-the-art cigarette manufacturing facility with integrated warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone, U.A.E., is equipped to handle the end-to-end manufacture, packing, and packaging of 12 billion sticks annually. The facility is equipped with new generation, world-class manufacturing, utilizing the latest technologically advanced cigarette and filter making machines to produce its own in-house brands as well as contract manufacturing of other brands.
P.O. Box 61021, Jebel Ali Free Zone. Dubai, U.A.E., Tel: +(971) 4-88-30-466,
Fax: +(971) 4-88-30-467, Email: sales@kaane.ae, Web: www.kaaneetobacco.com


Booth: 110
Kaya Shisha, and its wholesale distribution division PCP Trading, supplies a complete range of hookah pipes, accessories, molassis, and shisha covering every consumer price point and type of user, from beginner to connoisseur, operating under the mantra “smoke with style.”
PCP Trading GmbH
Heerenholz 14a, 28307 Bremen, Germany
Tel: +49 421/33 80 96 60, Fax: +49 421/33 80 96 69
Email: info@pcp-trading.de, support@kaya-shisha.de


Booth: 114
Launched in 2012, King of the Shisha is on target to revolutionize the production of hookah tobacco with the latest international quality standards. The company offers its customers an original selection of high quality products that meet their modern tastes and needs. It relies on Virginia tobacco to craft a truly authentic hookah tobacco, using only food-grade European-made flavors that meet the highest international standards. The company also uses the highest safety standards through all its production, packaging and distribution. Today, King of Shisha is looking to expand the base of its success Internationally, with its product opening up new potentials and market opportunities for the hookah tobacco industry.
Reformacka 6, Rzeszow 35-02, Poland
Tel: +48 17 30 000 43, Email: kingdomofshisha@wp.pl
Web: kingdomofshisha.com

KOVA (Buszek)

Booth: 120 
Kova Europe is the leading Shisha manufacturer and distributor from Spain. The company sells hookahs, shisha accessories, hookah tobacco, and cigars. Kova’s water pipe accessories are selling under Kasha brand and hookah tobacco under the Privilege brand. Its products are available throughout Europe.
Avda. del Majuelo 19, Pol. Ind. La Postura, 28343 Valdemoro, Madrid, España
Tel +34 91 290 02 92, Email: info@kovaeurope.com, Web: www.kovaeurope.com


Booth: 512, 514
Łukowa Tobacco Company is a group of Virginia tobacco producers located in south-eastern Poland with over 50 years experience cultivating and drying tobacco. A tobacco grower, processor and exporter, Lukowa provides only the finest raw tobacco for its processing in order to ensure the best quality products. The company purchase raw tobacco straight from the farmers, specializing in FCV and Burley. Its products can be used by manufacturers for shisha/waterpipe products, cigarettes, and cigars, offering strips, loose leaf, scraps, stems, and raw leaf.
Mieczyslaw Pekala, 23-214 Lukowa, Lukowa 27, Poland
Tel: +(48) 508 148 583, Email: biuro@lukowatobacco.pl, Web: lukowatobacco.pl


Booth 300A
Wholesale supplier of unmanufactured tobacco.
32-125 Rudno Górne 32, Province Małopolskie, Poland, Email: malopolski.tyton@op.pl.


Booth: 105
French-headquartered MANE will be supporting the tobacco industry again in Krakow this year with flavor systems for cigarettes, cigars, waterpipes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and new key raw materials, plus innovative flavor technology systems. MANE will support existing clients and develop new customer contacts in Krakow.
Rue de I’lndustrie 21, Case Postale 176, CH-1896 Vouvry, Switzerland
Tel: +33 493 09 70 00, Fax: +33 493 42 54 25, Web: www.mane.com


Booth: 402
Third generation Italian tobacco grower Massimo Mantovanelli farms and cures numerous varieties of drip-irrigated bright Virginia tobacco in Verona, Italy utilizing advanced seed types and special flue-curing processes to offer top-grade tobaccos suitable for a variety of manufactured tobacco products. Since 2010, the company has specialized in selling direct to small and medium-sized companies that demand exceptional quality.
Via Campagnol 162, 37056 Salizzole, Verona, Italy
Tel: +39 045 690 1937, Email: Az.Mantovanelli@Libero.It, Web: www.mxtobacco.com


Booth: 106
Oriento Canada supplies up to 35 flavors of shisha tobacco and up to 100 flavors of e-cigarettes, representing new ideas and tastes and a variety of different packaging formats and sizes. All liquid formula for tobacco and herbs in several sizes and packaging for manufacturers and the coffee shops under their secret taste. Oriento Shisha products are of Canadian origin, all-natural with the secret of maple extracts. It also produces hookah stones in many flavors.
149 Montee Allrad, Saint Jacques, J0k 2R0 Quebec, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 674 3686, Email: info@orientoshisha.com, Web: www.orientoshisha.com


Booth: 122
For over 15 years Orion has manufactured and distributed smoking tobacco, cigarettes, filter tubes and smoking accessories throughout the world. More than a decade of experience in the tobacco industry has enabled Orion to develop its products through constantly improved recipes combined with employee capabilities and the possibilities offered by modern technology. Drawing on the best of its Polish tradition, Orion—through its broad machine park—handles all stages of production from tobacco cut-rag to the final product to produce cigarettes, cigars, fine-cut tobacco (Tennessee, Verso, Guliver), pipe tobacco, and shisha tobacco (Taboo, Haifa). Orion also operates one of the largest tube factories in Poland, producing top-quality filter tubes and filter tips, and easily produces private labels.
Jakubów 5, 05-610 Goszczyn, Poland, Tel: +48 663 21 90
Email: orion@orion.mail.pl, Web: www.orion-orion.pl


Booth: 508
The Palmer Company produces and distributes a wide variety of products and accessories for smokers including filter tips, rolling papers, cigarette tubes, hookah filters and paperboard filters. Palmer products are produced paying very close attention to both consumer safety and respect for the environment. Palmer Europe PLC is a subsidiary of the Palmer Company, which also operates in, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The Palmer distribution chain is made up of national distributors who use their usual local distribution.
65 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd., Sofia 1574, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 470 88 98, Fax +359 2 470 64 60
Email: palmer@palmerworld.com, Web: www.palmerworld.com


Booths: 310, 312
Promotorzy was created in 1998 and sells tobacco products and accessories. As the business developed, its offerings have grown to include the e-cigarettes, e-accessories and high-quality e-liquids.
Odrowqza 15, 03–310, Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 814 05 06
Email: info@promotorzy.pl
Web: www.promotorzy.pl


Booth: 510
Q-tip specializes in the production of RYO cigarette filter tips, providing the highest quality filter tips adjusted to the roll-your-own habits of any market. The company’s product portfolio includes a full range of filter diameters super slim (5,3 mm), slim (6 mm) and regular (8 mm), semi-regular (7,5 mm) as well as a wide selection of filter types including classing, long, non-wrapped, biodegradable, and Pop-a-Tip. The company sells its products under the Q tip brand and offers private label production. At the EuroTab expo, the company will also be presenting so-called Dutch tips in small, medium and large sizes.
J.P. Woronicza 31/254, 02-640 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 662 86 87 55; +48 662 77 57 55, E-mail: paula@q-tip.eu, Web: www.q-tip.eu


Booth: 414
OCB is Europe’s leading brand for Republic Technologies, which has in its portfolio, among others, ZIG ZAG brand, JOB and TOP. Republic Technologies is a worldwide rolling papers and smoking accessories specialist offering quality and knowledge based on over 170 years of experience.
Promotorzy Trading, Odrowqza 15, 03–310 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: (+48) 22 814 05 06, Email: info@promotorzy.pl, Web: www.promotorzy.pl


Booth: 102
Roll4You has been in the rolling papers business for more than 100 years. Most of its production is made for private labels, exporting them all over the world. Roll4You is appreciated for its individual approach to their customers, short lead times and the top quality of its products.
Olsany 18, 78962 Czech Republic
Tel: +420 583 384 807; Fax: +420 583 384 840, Web: www.roll4you.com


Booth: 124
Romman Shisha Tobacco is hand made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients possible, delivering an amazingly smooth, flavorful and intensely long-lasting hookah smoking experience. Smoked by royalty and celebrities around the world, Romman Tobacco is designed to be the finest hookah smoking tobacco possible.Freshly produced in the heart of Jordan by experienced shisha tobacco masters, our tobacco is hand-made with care and attention to the ingredients’ quality to ensure mouthfuls of vivid unfading flavors as you draw hours of silky cloudbursts of smoke. Romman Shisha and Hookah Tobacco comes in more than 50 different flavors and in various forms of packaging.
75 Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Street, P.O. Box 9214, Amman 11191, Jordan
Tel: +(962) 79 556 7934, Fax: +(962) 6 5819 809. Email: contactus@rommanshisha.com, reda@romman-tobacco.com, Web: www.rommanshisha.com


Booth: 106
Savacco is the leading shisha manufacturer from the United Kingdom, with over a decade of experience and knowledge producing traditional shisha molasses as well as innovative products like VapesStones and E-Juice that offer an intense yet smooth vaping experience. The company manufactures its high quality e-liquid in the U.K. utilizing only locally-made, water soluble flavorings and food grade ingredients. The company’s ShishaVapes e-liquid brand is available in a vast range of flavors and four different nicotine strengths, offering a blend that suits every consumer best.
HDO South Woodford, 106 High Rd., South Woodford, E18 2NA London, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 781 716 2539, Email: sikandar@savacco.com, Web: www.savacco.com


Booth 500
Siebert Head is an international brand and packaging design consultancy with over 45 years of branding experience. Established in 1972 in London, it currently operates in Europe, Middle East, and Africa from Warsaw headquarters. SiebertHead utilizes creative and strategic design skills to help clients build powerful tobacco brands. Experts in designing brands for cigarettes, beer, and many other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories, its main services include packaging design, brand identity, marketing innovation, new product concepts development, structural design (3D), product/brand naming, in-store design audits, web and digital branding. Siebert Head has worked in every major consumer category, both internationally and in local markets. It received the Effie Award 2016 for branding and packaging re-design, and was awarded the Brand Identity Grand Prix in Italy as the only brand packaging design consultancy in Central Europe to win this prestigious award in 2017.
Duchnicka 3, 01-796 Warsaw, Poland. Contact: Slawek Kluziak, managing director, Mobile: +48 604 499 950, Email: slawek.kluziak@sieberthead.pl, Web: www.sieberthead.pl/en.


Booth: 600
Slomex-Tobacco s.c., which is based in Poland’s Lublin province, is engaged in the contracting and purchasing of Virginia tobacco, Burley and dark tobacco. The company sells tobacco to registered entities both in the Polish market as well as for customers in foreign markets, offering all types of high-quality tobacco leaves sorted by quality classes as well as offering the ability to prepare hand strips. The company is open for cooperation with the stakeholders involved in the trade in tobacco processing.
Babice 59A , Obsza 23-413, Poland
Tel: +48 66 763 59 99, Email: slomex.tobacco@gmail.com


Booth: 506
Solidus Tobacco Company offers top quality processed tobacco, which comes from Polish and European crops. The company cooperates with many tobacco producers and manufacturers and can supply large quantities of tobacco at low prices. The Solidus’ main product is Virginia tobacco in many forms but it also offers Burley, Oriental and Kentucky tobacco prepared at customer request.
ul. Podgórska 14d/6, 87-100 Toru, Poland
Tel: +48 609 151 751; +48 729 330 147, Email: f.h.solidus@gmail.com, Web: solidustobacco.com


Booth: 104
STI is a modern and market-oriented tobacco supplier operating globally with offices in Turkey, Hong Kong, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Europe, and Indonesia. STI fully supports tobacco farmer sustainability.
3905 Two Exchange Square, Suite 8444, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +90 212 277 9668, Email: Iqbal@Startobacco.Biz


Booth: 107
Founded in 2005, Starbuzz Tobacco is a world-renowned manufacturer and the leading provider of the highest quality exotic premiere hookah tobacco. Starbuzz Tobacco tastes smooth and sweet while producing larger clouds of smoke than most traditional hookah tobacco. The company also offers such products as cigars, e-juice, steam stones, e-hose, e-buzz, e- zero, code vape, charcoals, air fresheners, candles and accessories for hookah.
10871 Forbes Ave #A, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Tel: +1 702 489 2899, Email: Sales@StarbuzzTobacco.com, Web: www.starbuzztobacco.com


Booth: 300
Starline sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of ready-to-mix liquids and Virginia tobaccos for manufacturing shisha tobacco, and is also a representative of Tymbark drinks produced especially for hookah lounges.
ul. Tczewska 56, PL-70850 Szczecin, Poland
Email: starline.eu@gmail.com, Web: www.starline24.pl


Booth: 308
Telmax Company was founded in 2003 in Sztum, Poland. The company offers customers a range of top-quality tobacco products at competitive prices. Not only is Telmax the manufacturer of Korona Golden Crown slim and regular cigarette filter tubes and tobacco accessories, it also distributes the brand and would like to draw supply chain buyer’s attention to its offerings. Telmax combines the high quality of its products with an affordable purchase price.
ul. Zeromskiego 682-400 Sztum, Poland, Tel/Fax: +48 55 611 02 00
Email: telmax.info@wp.pl, Web: www.telmax.info.pl


Media Sponsor
The main idea behind the publication is to create and sustain an information channel between the Russian-speaking tobacco industry and the rest of the worldwide tobacco community. Tobacco-Review with its specialized supplements Tobacco-Shop and Tobacco-Review International (English edition) is a bi-monthly magazine distributed by subscription/retail net. Tobacco-Review is the only tobacco media officially recognized and accredited by the Association of Russian Manufacturers Tabakprom.
P.O. Box 40, 127224, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 495 720 0952. Email: t-review@mtu-net.ru or t-review@mail.ru
Web: www.tobaccoreview.com


Booth: 509
Tobacco Products International provides tobacco product importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and chain store managers with a custom publication that is dedicated to informing them about critical developments in the tobacco industry. Market reviews, tobacco retailer profiles, product showcases, legislative updates and executive interviews make up the dynamic content of the magazine. Whether your business is manufacturing state-of-the art vaping accessories or blending traditional pipe tobacco blends in Berlin, Germany, come see how Tobacco Products International is tailored for you!
Lockwood Trade Journal Company, Inc., 3743 Crescent Street, Second Floor,
Long Island City, NY 11101 U.S.A., Tel: +1 212 391 2060
Email: editor@tobaccoproductsmag.com, Web: www.tobaccoproductsmag.com


Booth: 112
TOM Cococha is an independent enterprise which has emerged from the Thoms-Group founded in 1878 The company hookah briquettes, which are made from coconut shells, are manufactured under the highest quality standards in Thailand and Indonesia. Throughout the process, special attention is paid to the fulfillment of ecological and international sustainability standards. With more than 25 years of product experience TOM Cococha has become one of the most popular brands worldwide for high quality shell briquettes and continues to develop new products in various packaging and briquette sizes.
Badenstedter Str. 42, 30453 Hannover, Germany
Tel: +(49) 511-811-228-66, Fax +(49) 511-811-228-55
E-Mail: info@cococha.de, Web: www.cococha.de


Booth: 304
Centrally Located in Poland, Universal Leaf Tobacco Poland Sp. z o.o. (a subsidiary of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc., Richmond, Virginia, USA) provides comprehensive tobacco leaf services for customers in Poland and abroad. We contract and purchase tobacco directly from the Polish farmers and process it at our full scale processing plant in Jedrzejow, providing storage, fumigation, and shipping services.
ul. Przemyslowa 20, 28-300 Jedrzejow, Poland, Tel.: +48-41-38 01 111, Fax: +48 41 38 01 122, Email: sekretariat@universalleaf.pl, Web: www.universalleaf.pl


Booth: 306
Hawk Aanonsen, CEO & Owner of Viking Premium Cigars, presents a series of three unique hand rolled premium cigars created by master blender Ernesto Perez Carillo of EPC Cigars at his Tabacalera Alianza factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic from aged tobaccos. Viking is a medium- to meium-plus strengh maduro; Norseman) is a medium-plus to strong dark Connecticut-wrapped blend with shaggy foot; and Nordic Warrior is a medium strength, Cuban profile blend with a Sumatra wrapper.
Risør, Norway, Tel: +47 458 64 440, Email: viking@vikingcigar.com, Web: vikingcigars.com.


Booth: 206
VIVO is a fully complementary brand of e-smoking products which includes liquids, e-cigarettes, clearomisers, heating units and e-accessories—namely all you need for e-smoking.
Promotorzy Trading
Odrowqza 15, 03–310 Warsaw, Poland, Tel: (+48) 22 814 05 06
Email: info@promotorzy.pl,
Web: www.promotorzy.pl


Booth: 117
Vintage dark leaf premium shisha tobacco in old style packaging created by Starbuzz Tobacco from California.
10871 Forbes Ave #A, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Tel: +1 702 489 2899, Email: Sales@StarbuzzTobacco.com, Web: www.starbuzztobacco.com


Booth: 208
Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH is one of the few independent family-owned companies in Germany that produces tobacco goods from raw tobacco to the finished product. The company offers cigarettes, cigars/cigarillos, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco.
Promotorzy Trading
Odrowqza 15, 03–310 Warsaw, Poland, Tel: (+48) 22 814 05 06, Email: info@promotorzy.pl, Web: www.promotorzy.pl