EuroTab 2016 Krakow


Eastern Europe’s Tobacco Products Fair: EuroTab 2016 offered distributors firsthand access to an array of finished tobacco products and manufacturers’ key production supplies.

Distributors of tobacco products in Central and Eastern Europe had the opportunity to meet with dozens of international tobacco product manufacturers exhibiting at the 2016 edition of the annual EuroTab 2016 tobacco products trade fair in Krakow, Poland, from June 14–15.

EuroTab 2016 trade fairs serve the entire supply chain of tobacco products, starting with leaf and ending with finished products and accessories. Show visitors are primarily from Eastern Europe, comprised of distributors, importers, and retailers of all types of tobacco products. All major categories of tobacco shop merchandise, from cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos, RYO, and shisha to hookah, smoking accessories, and vape products, were represented.

In addition, product manufacturers could visit exhibitors supplying quality tobacco leaf, machinery, and other manufacturing--related services and supplies.

Hosted at Poland’s most modern trade fair center, Targi Expo Krakow, EuroTab 2016 welcomed numerous new exhibitors this year in addition to longtime anchor businesses that are key players in Poland and the greater region’s tobacco merchandise trade.

Buszek, an established Krakow-based importer and distributor of hookahs and related accessories, showcased the products of many of its business partners, with booths dedicated to American shisha and cigar sensation Starbuzz Tobacco; German suppliers Asa, Aladin Hookah, Kaya Shisha, and Chaos Hooka Tobacco; and London-based shisha maker Savacco.

Likewise, Promotorzy Trading, a major supplier of tobacco products and accessories based in Warsaw, hosted booths dedicated to a number of brands, including Vivo ecigarettes and vaping products; Evo and Ecco eliquids; major German product manufacturer Von Eicken cigarettes, cigars/cigarillos, pipe tobacco, and fine-cut tobacco; and rolling paper brand OCB from Republic Technologies of France.

Among those exhibitors new to the show this year were Taoutel Canada, Inc., one of the leading Canadian producers of natural flavors, bulk e-liquid, and its own leading merchandise product, Oriento Shish; RIPS “roll-based” rolling papers from England as well as the company’s R-ejuice e-liquid line; and Athen-based Hellenic Cigarette Paper S.A., producer of quality cigarette papers, continuing the business of former manufacturer Tziavelis Dimitrios & Sia.

EuroTab 2017, scheduled for Warsaw, Poland, in Spring 2017, promises to be bigger and more valuable than ever.